Socially Iconic

Beautify the social web through the use of expertly crafted fonts and smooth transitions.

Socially Iconic is a set of commonly used social media icons that is built into a font. This font icons kit provides you a selection of simple and easy to use css styles that can easily integrate into a selection of templates and designs. Coded using LESS technology, you can easily customize the kit to take it ever further. It is lightweight and looks wonderful on retina devices.

Single Font

In a single font, we include all custom built pictographic social media icons.

Infinite Scalability

Vector font + CSS means every icon and button looks great at any size.

No Javascript

Deal with less compatibity stress because Socially Iconic doesn't use Javascript.

Perfect on Retina

All icons and buttons are vector and CSS based and looks great on high-res.

LESS Built

LESS is more. Customize to your hearts content with simple less file.

Fully Compatible

Designed and coded to work with all frameworks.

Icons expertly crafted by people who knows icons.

The latest version of Socially Iconic contains icons expertly crafted by the team over at Icons8. Icons8 is a team of 4 designers, 5 developers, and a content strategist. No two people live in the same city and they’re spread from New York to Melbourne. They craft new fonts daily and current have a library of over 30,000 icons. You can use their icons for free or subscribe to gain additional benefits. These specific social icons were specially crafted with attention to detail. Much of the focus was given to work at nearly all sizes and on all device including retina.