OrangeCity Responsive Template

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OrangeCity is a theme-for-sale style template designed to provide the user with easy to read and beautiful presentation options. Built on Twitter Bootstrap, OrangeCity comes with all the framework’s features customized for this specific template. Please read the Bootstrap documentation to find out how to use majority of the themes features. You can find a link to the Bootstrap documentation at the end of this document.

If you love websites such as ElegantThemes, ThemeFuse, and other sites alike, you will love OrangeCity.

Key Features

OrangeCity is designed to provide you with a template-for-sale style website. You have a full gallery with a coded members panel. This template will help you highlight your products at the same time give you a branding. Furthermore, you have a large selection of background patterns that can be applied as the overall page background or the background of the intro image found on all inner pages. Here is a list of all the key features:

• Bootstrap
• Responsive layout
• Easy to customize
• WordPress Ready
• Large collection of background patterns
• Flex Slider
• Customized Bootstrap Carousel slider
• Adaptive Thumbnail portfolio
• Font-Awesome icons collection
• Social Sprites Icons
• Preview template page

File Support

If you require any support, please post in the comment section or look in the “OrangeCity Documentation.pdf” file included in the archive.

Demo Images

When viewing the theme demo you will see several photographic images used. These photos serve as example images only and are not included with your purchase. The photos used in the demos are purely for demonstration purposes, and are used to give you a functional preview of what the theme will look like once content has been added. You are responsible for adding your own thumbnail images. The photos used in our demos are licensed from multiple sources and are copyrighted by those respective parties. These photos should not be saved, copied or redistributed in any way.


This template uses the beautiful FontAwesome font. The font comes with its own terms that states:

“The Font Awesome webfont, CSS, and LESS files are licensed under CC BY 3.0. A mention of Font Awesome – in human-readable source code is considered acceptable attribution (most common on the web). If human readable source code is not available to the end user, a mention in an ‘About’ or ‘Credits’ screen is considered acceptable (most common in desktop or mobile software).”

File Update

Version 1.0 – 02/18/2013
• Initial release


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