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Bootstrap Grid

Twitter Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. Make Bootstrap mokcup easier with our grid system for Fireworks.

Welcome to the Fireworks Police, your gateway to free Adobe Fireworks resources.

About the Fireworks Police

First and foremost, welcome to FWPolice! FWPolice is a website, developed by the team that brought you Geekius, that focuses on providing freebies (free downloadable content) for the Adobe Fireworks software. To most of the world, Adobe Fireworks has been set aside and not taken advantage of. In fact when Smashing Magazine ran an article talking about the new features of Adobe Fireworks CS5, most people had no clue what this software was. This got most designers who does use and love the software thinking:

How could we bring Adobe Fireworks to the lime-light? How can we show that, if used properly, Adobe Fireworks can be a powerful tool as Adobe Photoshop?

That’s where several free resource websites such as this was born. Most users around the world learn from experimenting/playing around with with the software. What better way to experiment than with free project source file? Read More…


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