Photo Realistic Mug

One of the most powerful uses for Adobe Fireworks is, you can use the vector engine and tools to create some amazing Photo realistic images. Using the Pen Tool, combined with the Shapes Tool and clever use of gradients and intelligent layer effects, you can produce some outstanding Photo Realistic Artwork that are not only sharp, but convincing to the eye.

Not only can your mock ups be used for Web Design, but can be also used as Hi_Res print images as well – this is one of Adobe Fireworks misunderstood strengths and most well kept secret.

We have created a Photo Realistic Mug employing sound use of Gradients, Shapes, and Layer filters, not forgetting to mention crafty lighting techniques.

As for all of our files, the layers are clearly named; this is to give you the opportunity to study how we put our artwork together. Study the properties panel and layers panel, and understand how we put each layer together by turning the layers off, and turning them on one by one from the bottom up.

In the screenshot above, you can see how we have branded our mug. Because the file is layered and vectorized, you can change the color to suit your project.

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Web Designer of 10 years based in Australia. I work with Adobe Fireworks 90% of the time when designing websites and other graphics.

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