Texture Panel

One of Fireworks’ coolest features is its ability to apply textures to almost anything. What Texture Panel seeks to do is is make that feature easy and more convenient to use.

This version provides a full, thumbnail visual listing of all your textures, giving you the ability to quickly select and apply textures. You can even arrow key through textures to quickly get an idea what texture will best suit your purpose. I’m currently working on adding listing/favorites, paging, etc to future updates.

Image by Grady Kelly


  • Search for a texture by name
  • Apply texture to a Fill  or a Stroke
  • Change the size of the thumbnail
  • Set the transparency of the applied texture
  • Show a horizontal bar of each texture instead of the squared thumbnails
  • Reload the list of textures
  • Add more textures
  • (NEW) Sort and group your textures with the Listing feature
  • Comprehensive view of all your textures
  • Add and reload textures easily
  • Search your textures easily

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