The Phoenix Project: Alignment Guides Panel

There are many legacy panels that have been forgotten or have outdated UI that not much people wants to use them anymore. The Phoenix Project is started to revive the older panels back from the “dead” and give them a new life and their add-ons will greatly enhance the various workflows that Fireworks needed them.

The entire Phoenix Project will consist of:

  • Alignment Guide
  • Rename
  • Layer Commands
  • Duplicate Offset Rotate (DOR)
  • Transform
  • Project Notes
  • Versions
  • Used Fonts
  • Documents
  • Create
  • Auto Save

Alignment Guides Panel

This is the first of several Panels for the Phoenix Project. In this first release, we have a simplified version of the guide panel specially made to create and manage guides for design and aligning objects based on selections to produce a pixel-perfect layouts for screen. It also has an updated look with fresher icons and occupies less area when docked. Main goal is to give a better experience using and creating guides that most designers always wanted.


  • Create guides from an object selection or marquee selection
  • Bound controls to give you precise control to add guides on each sides
  • Add midpoint vertical or horizontal guides
  • Margin values to place the guides outside or inside the selection
  • Quick Clear Input for horizontal only, vertical only or all guides
  • Copy and Paste guides across pages and documents
  • Save and load guides presets
  • Undos and redos steps for guides

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