The contents of this website are provided for free download. We, the FWPolice staff, work hard spending our free time to develop these resources. While there are many websites getting wealthy through their ads, we earn $0 from this website. Instead, we pay from our pockets to make sure all servers and services are running every month. Note that we not only provide free resources but work hard towards bringing new Adobe Fireworks related projects such as FireNews Magazine, IamFW, CS6 Launch Center and Fireworks Userbase to the web and we have more projects lined up.We can easily place advertisements on our website and become a for-profit site like others alike; but as we all know, advertisements are annoying. Furthermore, they are very disturbing and can get in the way of content. So we choose not to place any advertisements. We’ve worked hard to keep it clean, informative and there for you when you needed us. We will fulfill our mission of being the top Adobe Fireworks resource site that is there for the community not for the profit.If everyone reading this donated $5, we could and will raise enough money to pay for the server and pay the staff. But not everyone can or will donate. And that’s fine. Each year just enough people decide to give.This year, please consider making a donation of $5, $20, $50 or whatever you can to protect and sustain the Fireworks Police (
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