Date: 05/22/2012

Author: Sazzad Hossain

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Making Icons

We all love icons and if someone says otherwise, you’re more than welcome to laugh at their lie. Icons help us differentiate sections of a web elements that are purely text based and often replaces the purpose of the text itself. In example, a magnifying glass in a search input bar tells the visitor its a search bar without having to say that with texts. It helps clean up your site and…

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Date: 05/14/2012

Author: Sazzad Hossain

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Pencil Coming Soon Page

Before we begin a project, we first draw it up in our notebook. We do all of our creative thinking at this stage so that when we get in front of our trusty Adobe Fireworks, we know exactly what we have to do. From this, a new trend arose where pencil drawn websites are becoming more and more popular. Today I wanted to show you how to use the different…

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Date: 03/28/2012

Author: tiagocamargo

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Easy Odometer Icon

Hi guys! I’m Tiago, from Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. I’m 26 years old and I’m working as art director at MMDA. I “met” Fireworks in 2009 and when I became a Fireworks enthusiast! I’m glad to be part of the FWPolice team and share with you some Fireworks tutorials. FYI: I’m still learning English, so… be patient! Hope you enjoy it In this first post, I decided to join 2 things I…

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Date: 03/21/2012

Author: Sazzad Hossain

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Creating a Simple Buttons

Buttons are fun to click, but they’re even more fun to make using Adobe Fireworks. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to create a button that is both elegant and simple and best of all customizable for nearly any project. Let’s start off by creating a canvas. For this tutorial and to give me some working space I decided to create a canvas that is 700px by 200px…

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Date: 01/21/2012

Author: Sazzad Hossain

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Photo-manipulation using Gradients

On Instagram, the mobile photo fun app, we have seen several gorgeous filters that bring life to our pictures. From a standard quality iPhone photo, we were able to manipulate a picture of our neighbors Volkswagen Beetle to one that looks like it was from the 80’s. Photo manipulation helps us achieve wonders that helps us show age and contrast without the need for makeup and lighting. But if you’re…

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