FWPolice will be FREE

Yesterday we received an email that made us change our approach to providing content. First of all, we came into this field to provide the Adobe Fireworks community with FREE content. With that said, one lovely user of FWPolice pointed out that we are deviating from our original goal. He stated, “we are focusing more and more on premium content and making money to support our site, that we are forgetting about our free users.”


This email set us straight. Today we are announcing that we will be making FWPolice completely free. What does that mean? This means that we will be getting rid of our premium membership plan. Anyone who signed up for our premium package will have their money refunded back to them. All premium contents will be open to the general public for FREE download. This includes all coded templates and premium tutorials.

The main reason why we started the premium kit was to earn money to fund our website and the team who works hard in making these free content. One way to fund this site is advertisements. But we all hate ads and it gets in the way.

So how will we find funding for our website?

We’re not really sure yet. We are paying a lot of money to pay for our servers and the staff are spending hours making content that we don’t earn money for. Until we find a sponsor, we will be putting up a donation box that users like yourself can use to donate any amount of money to us.

We love our users and the Adobe Fireworks community. From the bottom of our heart, we apologize for deviating from our orginial idea of a completely free resource. We will work hard to keep our website and its content FREE for as long as we can.


Hey there. I’m Sazzad, a User Experience Developer from New York City. I work with many talented folks who find ways of re-inventing the way users look at the web. I am the founder of the FWPolice and co-founder of Fleech Media. You can follow me on Twitter by the handle @IamShipon1988 .

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