FireNews Issue 4

It has been some time since we released FireNews. But we are back and here to provide you with the information and news we promised before. If you took a vacation this past few days or simply could not stay in touch with the Fireworks Community, don’t hesitate. We are here to help you catch up.

A lot has happened since the last issue of FireNews. Here is a short summary of few of those events:

  1. Smashing Magazine picked up their Adobe Fireworks section thanks to the help of several reputed and loved community members. Now it has become one of the major places to visit for all community members. They are posting up more tutorials, documentation on extensions and much more.
  2. Extensions. extensions and more extensions. Our favorite extensions got several upgrades that makes our favorite software even more awesome.
  3. Jim Babbage released a new issue of his Adobe Fireworks CS6 in a Classroom. It’s definitely a good read for those who needs a crash course or a little refreshing on Fireworks.
  4. Sever wonderful new Fireworks websites have launched. We will cover them in the coming issues.
  5. We lost one of our favorite resource site: Fireworks Lab. But don’t worry, their resources are not lost. We spoke to Ivo, founder of FWLabs, and have decided that over the next few weeks we will start importing all of their content over to our server. We will also be releasing the content in the same terms and licensing they have originally released them under.

[box type=”success”]We have decided to have a unique logo for the month, honoring different historical figures and holidays. This month we are honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for the work he has done to bring equality to the United States of America.[/box]

Optimizing The Design Workflow With Extensions



I’ve been using Adobe Fireworks for over a decade now and I can recommend it to anyone searching for the optimal screen design workflow. Much has been said about Fireworks’ capabilities as a design application, but today I want to focus on one of its other biggest strengths — its extensibility…

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Create an Animated GIF in Fireworks


In this tutorial, I will use Fireworks CS6 to create an Animated GIF of a turkey with tail feathers that change color. I’ll start by creating an illustration and duplicating it. I’ll make changes to one, convert them both into symbols, create a second state, and preview the animation. I’ll then change the duration time of both states, save the file as an Animated GIF, and view it in my browser…

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Fireworks Extensions Movement


The Fireworks extension developers like John Dunning, Matt Stow, Aaron Beall, Ale Muñoz, Matt Curtis and Linus Lim are putting in many late night hours and burning passion to write wonderful extensions for the Fireworks Community. We are now raising funds to to support these developers as a token of appreciation and to support them to continue develop wonderful extensions in future…

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Pre-Formats for Adobe Fireworks




As a designer you know how tedious it can be for format all of your elements. You have to set the correct font, the height, colors, etc. for every heading, sub heading, or even image. But looks like Linus Lim (Chunwui) has the solution for you. Check out this Screenr he uploaded of something he calls “HTML Styles”

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The Simple Alter Panel


This panel was actually suggested by Craig Erskine: “One of the things that bothers me about Fw on a Mac is that we do not have the Main toolbar from the Windows version. I whipped up a concept of a simple panel to replicate some of the Main toolbar functionality…Would anyone be willing to make this into an actual panel?” Matt Curtis did and it’s a wonder!

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If you have a website/resource/article/or anything Fireworks related that you want to be listed on our next issue, please send a link to us via twitter or through our contact form.


Hey there. I’m Sazzad, a User Experience Developer from New York City. I work with many talented folks who find ways of re-inventing the way users look at the web. I am the founder of the FWPolice and co-founder of Fleech Media. You can follow me on Twitter by the handle @IamShipon1988 .

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