FireNews Issue 2

Resources, Tutorials and Freebies

Thank you for taking the time to read the second issue of FireNews, the newsletter dedicated to Adobe Fireworks and it’s community. This week we are going to talk about a website we think deserves to be called the website of the month as voted by the staff and several other community members. Furthermore, we are giving you a glimpse into our new project and how you join the private beta.

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The Future of FireNews

Last week’s release of FireNews was a hit amongst the Adobe Fireworks community. Along with its success, we received several feedback from the Fireworks community. One that was repeated several times was the lack of details. In the first issue, we simply provided you with just some links and images. FWPolice is not just about sharing freebies, but also building a community. Respectfully, we took these feedback very seriously and decided to implement some of them to this issue.

As usual with our creative mind, we decided to take FireNews a step further. We are working on making FireNews a monthly e-zine. Yes you read that correctly. We are working on creating Adobe Fireworks e-zine. This is a big project that we have decided to undertake. But with the release of CS6 nearing, I think it’s about time the Adobe Fireworks community takes the next step in showing the Adobe community what Fireworks can really do.

So what will this new magazine cover? We’re still working the complete details but this is our plan so far:

  • Page dedicated to the website of the month
  • Page dedicated to Fireworks designer of the month
  • Coverage of featured plugins (details and it’s review)
  • Tutorial by the Fireworks community
  • Featured freebies (from many sites)
  • Our favorite #AdobeFireworks tweets of the month
  • Our favorite Dribbble shots of the month
  • And more…

As you can see, we are still working on the complete details but the idea seems to be making some noise on twitter already. Interested in being a part of this project? Great! We want you too. Simply submit an application here and we will get in touch with you soon.

But we want to hear from you. In what format do you wish to see the FireNews: HTML/CSS or PDF? Use the poll to the left to tell us what you want.

Click the image above to view a possible cover of the first FireNews magazine. You can also view a concept site for FireNews here (do note this is a concept site and the final product may not look the same).

Our Next Big Project

Lately, there have been numerous sites popping up all over the web that provides free resources relating to Adobe Fireworks. If you’re anything like me, you either have a notepad filled with links or a browser filled with bookmarked sites. I want to end all that. Today the FWPolice team is proud to announce our next project: IamFireworks (

The objective of (IamFireworks) is to bring the free resources community to one location. The site is an open site where designers looking to share their freebies can register and publish a post as they would on Dribbble and Forrst. There are no middle-men nor waiting list for publication; just a team to make sure links are not dead and the content is Adobe Fireworks related.

After thinking over the idea for quite some time, we think it’s about time we made a public announcement. Adobe Fireworks is indeed in need of a place where they can gather with their resources and we want to make that possible with IamFW. This project is a win-win for you and for the Fireworks community. With this new project, you will not be uploading the archived file to our site, but instead linking to the page on your own site. This way you get the popularity that you want and the community has one URL to remember.

So are you interested in this project? Good! We plan on releasing the website for beta soon. If you are interested in participating in the private beta visit IamFireworks website and enter your email address in the form at the bottom.

Site of the Month

There is a big difference between designing and developing. Designing is the primary step for web development without which the development process becomes a living nightmare. In short, designing helps organize and prepare for the developing process. Today we are going to take a look at a website that was designed in Adobe Fireworks and is now standing tall as a creative masterpiece on the web. This month’s site of the month is … is the official website of designer Ivo Mynttinen. Ivo is an user interface designer from Germany who just loves to create clean interfaces. This is what Ivo had to say about his newly designed site:

This Site was produced completely by myself, including the graphics and also the code. The graphics were created with Adobe Fireworks CS5, while the code relies on some of the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. The backend is powered by WordPress 3.2, which is my prefered CMS to date. Plugins like Disqus and Infinite Scroll do a great job improving the functions of this Site. Like most of my creative work, this Site was produced on a Mac (I like Windows too).

Compared to the other nominations, Ivo’s website scored the following with our judges:

Judges Design UX Content Tech.
Linus Lim  8  9 10  8
Mikko Vartio  7 8  9 7
Sazzad Hossain 7 9 9 7

Judging criterias: 1. Design: judges the creativity and quality of slices and images. 2. UX: judges the user experience (structure and usability). 3. Content: judges the quality of the content. 4. Technicality: judges the external usage (i.e. mobile view and reputation).

Congratulations to Ivo on being selected as the first Site of the Month for FireNews. You have had a great impact on the Adobe Fireworks community and you deserve to win this award. Here is your official Site of the Month badge:

Did you know…

The so called “Fireworks Vs. Photoshop war” never really took place. Yes, the point of that time period was not to convert people, rather show what an amazing resource Adobe Fireworks could be to web-designers. But, as with anything else, one person took it too the edge and called it a “war” in front of several Photoshop users. From then on, the war replaced the original purpose and thus came the “Fireworks Vs. Photoshop war.” There are many articles on the web that talk about the endless war, but one that caught our eyes was “the Endless Fireworks vs. Photoshop Battle” by Ivo Mynttinen.

Our freebie of the week…

Weekly Adobe Fireworks News – Resources, Tutorials and Freebies (WK.1)
Towards the end of last week we released a template designed by Marek Levak titled NeueBlue. Though it was released last week, we as a group thought that this piece deserves to be the featured product. NeueBlue is the first of our monthly series of website templates that we plan on releasing. The focus of this template was to provide you with a blank framework to build off of. The design takes advantage of the noise filter feature that many of us designers overlook and puts it on the forefront. Using a ray of colors, the design stands among the leading free designs released on our website (and achieving such a success within a short time period).


Healthy Eats for Adobe Fireworks

Get a free illustration set of sixteen fruits, vegetables and meats. Each is 512x512px and provided as a separate transparent PNG. They are illustrated in Adobe Fireworks and are completely vector. This set includes: mushroom illustration, tomato illustration, almonds illustration, broccoli illustration, chicken illustration, onions illustration, radish illustration, turnip illustration, carrots illustration, hot pepper illustration, bacon illustration, lemon illustration, leeks illustration, bay leaf illustration, crab meat illustration and parsley illustration (for garnish).


Notepad for Adobe Fireworks

As designers we usually have a list of things to accomplish and from time to time like to show off our artistic styles. This simple notepad designed by Stefan Hiienurm can help you show off your work with a bit more elegance.


Yellow Admin Panel

Having custom admin panels are slowly becoming a standard in the development world. From a custom admin/customization panel for WordPress to a fully developed custom panel for a corporate site, custom admin panels advanced from being a standard table based design to javascript, html5 and css enhanced works of art. Here is a yellow admin panel developed by one of our beloved free source site WebPortio.


If you have a website that you want to be listed on our next issue, please send a link to us via twitter or through our contact form.

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