Date: 11/30/2012

Author: manamedia

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Photo Realistic Mug

One of the most powerful uses for Adobe Fireworks is, you can use the vector engine and tools to create some amazing Photo realistic images. Using the Pen Tool, combined with the Shapes Tool and clever use of gradients and intelligent layer effects, you can produce some outstanding Photo Realistic Artwork that are not only sharp, but convincing to the eye. Not only can your mock ups be used for…

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Date: 11/20/2012

Author: manamedia

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CD Jewel Case

Like the Beehive CD Mock Up, for many product designs we make, we end up creating a mock-up for our clients. This time however, we go inside the packaging to reveal simply just the CD Jewel Case and its contents. Using similar techniques that we employed in the Beehive CD – a combination of gradients and overlays as well as filters, we are able to create a distinctive and realistic…

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