First and foremost, welcome to FWPolice! FWPolice is a website, developed by the team that brought you Geekius, that focuses on providing freebies (free downloadable content) for the Adobe Fireworks software. To most of the world, Adobe Fireworks has been set aside and not taken advantage of. In fact when Smashing Magazine ran an article talking about the new features of Adobe Fireworks CS5, most people had no clue what this software was. This got most designers who does use and love the software thinking:

How could we bring Adobe Fireworks to the lime-light? How can we show that, if used properly, Adobe Fireworks can be a powerful tool as Adobe Photoshop?

That’s where several free resource websites such as this was born. Most users around the world learn from experimenting/playing around with with the software. What better way to experiment than with free project source file?

FWPolice is comprised of several named designers from the Adobe Fireworks community who wants to show what a wonderful tool Adobe Fireworks can be. We have worked with this software since it was being developed by Macromedia to compete with the Adobe Photoshop designs and are still developing top-of-the-line designs today with this same Fireworks (different editions of’course). We simply love this tool and we believe it deserves just as much love as other software gets.

So what is FWPolice? Simple, it’s a community developed to help bring Adobe Fireworks to the lime-light by providing free, high-quality resources.

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We’ve made the source file of our logo and marks publicly available so that you’ll be able to link to our website and/or promote our resources, tutorials and/or website in general. Please don’t use this graphic to brand your own website or application.

To download, right click on the logo above and select “Save image as…” Please don’t manipulate our logo or imply sponsorship, endorsement, or false association with the Fireworks Police.

About Adobe Fireworks?

Adobe Fireworks is a bitmap and vector graphics editor. It was originally developed using parts of xRes by Macromedia, which Adobe acquired in 2005, and aimed at web designers (with features such as: slices, the ability to add hotspots etc.) for rapidly creating website prototypes and application interfaces. It is designed to integrate easily with other former Macromedia products, such as Dreamweaver and Flash. It is available as a standalone product or bundled with Adobe Creative Suite (WikiPedia).

With Fireworks you can make websites, user interfaces and rich Internet application (RIA) interfaces which are editable in both vector and bitmap modes. Fireworks has Pages/Master Pages, Layers, States and Symbols – all features that considerably speed up development of Web designs. You can also use it to create wireframes and interactive prototypes — you can apply behaviors to objects to simulate interactivity; you can add text, symbols, images and also import Illustrator and Photoshop assets; and once ready with the design you can export the files as clickable PDF mock-ups for approval.

Fireworks can turn a graphic design project instantly into an interactive Web prototype — simply export a Fireworks single-page or multi-page PNG file as HTML, CSS and images. You can then send such an interactive prototype to a client for approval; or you can further edit the exported code (which is almost standards compliant and uses an external style sheet) in Dreamweaver, Coda or any other code editor of your choice (Smashing Magazine).


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