A team of nerds who wants to share their knowledge.



FWPolice is a community of professional designers and developers dedicated in teaching others about coding and designing tools.

We are comprised of several named designers from each of the community we cater to and are adding new volunteers often. In the past we only catered to Adobe Fireworks community, but now we are expanding our base to Sketch, Affinity Designer and more. Furthermore, we are also starting to bring our premium (and coded) themes and templates to you here free of charge.

Free Design Resources

Not everyone is born a designer, but you can learn to be one. Use our library of free design resources to learn how to create your next masterpiece.

Customizable Templates

A website mockup provides a visual proof for a project before product development starts. Use our highly customizable templates to design your next website.

In-Depth Tutorials

Our step-by-step guides help you master a software and web-development without the need to rip out your hair. You can even watch how we make our resources.

Updates & Support

We’re here to help you succeed. If you need help, drop us an email or leave a comment in the related post and one of our staff or community member will help.

Our Team

We’re nerds. That’s right, we’re a bunch of pet loving, coffee drinking, tech savvy nerds. We just happened to be decent at coding and designing. And growing up, we were taught ‘sharing is caring, and it can be fun’. Oh, we’re also a bit crazy…

Sazzad Hossain


Linus Lim


Adil Aziz


Robiul Hossain

Marketing Guru


We don’t have a single office. Our team members are located through out the world (some not listed here as per their wish). Instead, here are a few photos of that makes us look like a well established company.

New York



Our work is used by many users and companies throughout the world. If we listed them all, it would take the page forever to load. So, we’ll just leave the list our little secret for now. If you do want your logo displayed here, shoot us an email with a link to your company logo. PS – there are several random logos thrown in there for the hell of it.

“Just wanted to say – I absolutely LOVE what you guys are doing for Fireworks! Real pioneers. :)“

Matt Curtis

``You are simply awesome, I’m so glad I saw the link in Smashing Magazine and clicked to find this!! :)``

Debora Tavares